Crystal Mint is probably one of the most unique collaborations between Japanese producer and sound designer Tomoki Hirata and Russian singer, songwriter Julia Mint.

It was inspired with the magnificent beauty of nature where the mesmerising ocean waves, breathtaking sunset, mysterious forest, lonely moon, the stars, and the sparkling snow create the perfect unison. 

 We don’t care about trends and stereotypes, discovering undiscovered forms and shapes of the music. We combine minimal electronics with the addictive vocal deep house flavour and magnetic chilling vibes to get elegant but very passionate dance music. 

Switch on the music and let your mind make a journey to the undiscovered world whether you dance, work, run, have a long drive, meditate, or simply look for some inspiration.

We are honoured to share our project with you!

Lucid Dream


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Crystal Mint - Designer


Russian Blue

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